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Being diagnosed with sarcoma cancer might feel like going back to school - there are so many questions. 

Here's where we get started with the answers.

Prof Adrienne Flanagan on GeCIP

GeCIP: Could this change everything?

'A major opportunity to get an unprecedented understanding of sarcoma cancer on a molecular level.' The GeCIP Study could transform what we know about sarcoma.

I am a ...

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Let's solve a puzzle

When Sarcoma UK funds a project, we fund one piece of a massive puzzle being worked on all over the world.

Find out how we put the pieces together.

Collage of various types of impact and image of Impact Report 2016-17

What difference do we make?

Download the Sarcoma UK Impact Report 2017-18. 

Screengrab from Sarcoma UK No. 10 Downing Street Partnership

No 10's Charity of the Year

Watch our video showing highlights from our year as 10 Downing Street's Charity of the Year.

We've achieved great things together. 

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